19 Aug 2020


Eye-tracking is the phenomena in which movements of the eye and its gaze is captured. This technology was founded in 1999 by a Swedish high-tech company located in Gothenburg. In Smart eye technology, there is a continuous evaluation of all social platforms which eradicates all the possible measures or ways of the unwanted viewer to poke at your screen.

When we are at a public place and have to see some confidential documents, the smart eye helps you to keep its access only to your eye. With its biometric screen protection, it blocks unauthorized users from viewing your screen with continuous facial and iris identification, moment by moment. In this platform, there is an admin panel that allows us to choose document access limits such as where they can view and how long they can access the document.

It also provides document tracking including real-time notification of alerts e.g. when the reports have been considered and signed and whether or not any attempts have been made for sharing the material with any unauthorized users. Some applications of smart technology are used in the automotive industry e.g. eye tracking is employed in driver monitoring systems and interior vehicle environments. In medicine, eye tracking is used in research and neuroscience where it can help diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Few products of it are Tobi Pro Spectrum, Tobi Pro Classes, Tobi Pro Fusion, Tobi pro lab.

This type of technology will have a big impact on computing. This can help when developing websites or displaying information. If we look at the negative side of it, the biggest disadvantage of eye-tracking technology is that not all eyes can be tracked e.g. Contact lenses, glasses, and pupil color can all impact the eye-tracking camera’s ability to record eye movements. Another problem in this technology is that calibrating the instruments /equipment takes time which may cause the user to deviate from using the device.

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Written by –Nishank Vadhera

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