18 Aug 2020

Radar Technology

Radar is an electromagnetic sensor used for detecting, locating, tracking, and recognising objects of various kinds of considerable distances. It operates by transmitting electromagnetic energy towards objects, commonly referred to as targets, and observing the echoes returned from them. The target may be aircraft, ships, spacecraft, automotive, and astronomical bodies, or even birds, insects, and rain. Beside determining the presence, location, and velocity of such objects, radar can sometimes obtain their size and shape as well.

Radar is also called an active device such that it has it’s illumination for locating targets. It typically operates in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum measured in hertz.Radar underwent rapid development during the 1930 and 1940’s to meet the needs of the military. It still widely employed by the armed forces, where many technological advances have originated.

At the same time, radar has found an increasing number of important civilian applications, notably air traffic control, weather observations, remote sensing of the environment, aircraft and ship navigation, speed measurement for industrial application and for law enforcement, space surveillance, and planetary observation.

Written by –Saksham Singh