20 Aug 2020

2020: The Year We Needed

The year 2020 saw its share of ups and downs and the graph of tragedies went higher with each passing month but the year had its significance in the records. The question arises, how was the year 2020 significant in all terms?

With the COVID-19 breakdown across the globe, the world shut down, no flights, no international transport for a very long time the year. Offices, colleges, and schools were closed but work and education didn’t stop. Employees adopted the concept of Work From Home, they spent hours in front of their laptops, engaged in video calls, presentations, and meetings round the clock. Their homes became their offices and work went smoothly, our lives kept running. While the corporates were promoting the concept of work from home, educators around the globe took a step to reach learners online. Teachers and professors made classrooms reach the learners defying any boundaries.

Technology oriented teaching was adopted by the teachers, though many were familiar with the concept of online teaching, we saw many who struggled to adopt and implement. The spirit of teaching and learning made this phase of education a lot more efficient.

Online education opened up a pathway for students who couldn’t attend college regularly and often miss out on important classroom concepts. Educators across the globe shared their knowledge via various learning platforms which benefitted the students in skill development.

The global pandemic might have locked us in our homes but couldn’t take away our will to learn new things every day. These challenging times brought our best potential into implementation, and let our creativity flourish. Indeed these times and situations made our lives difficult but it gave us a different perspective on life, work, and education.

I hope that technology-oriented teaching flourishes even more post-pandemic and gives the education system shape of the future.

I hope that corporates keep promoting Work from Home and students get their desire job without compromising their ongoing education.

I hope that the post-pandemic era would reflect the teachings of these difficult times.

Written by — Ira Pandey

(CSE 2A)