25 Aug 2020

Online Platforms to learn coding

This is great that you are ready to learn coding. To learn any programming language, First of all you all must have to learn the foundational language to move further. If you want to be a good coder, then having good grasp over basics is a must .You can choose either C or C ++ to grasp a good understanding about coding .

These languages are called foundational programming languages. Once you know the basics of above described language you start learning different data structures and algorithms. There are various platforms where you can learn and practice which further improve your programming skills . Here are some platforms :

1. Hackerrank/ Hackerearth/ Codechef / Codeforces

  • These are the coding platforms where you can practice questions from various languages. Here are the links for these platforms:-

Link for Hackerrank

 Link for Hackerearth

 Link for Codechef

 Link for Codeforces

​2. Coursera / Udemy / edx / edureka:-

3. Geeksforgeeks:-

This is also a great platform to learn the different languages and practice the coding questions which help you to sharpen your programming skills.

Link for geeksforgeeks

4. Apps or websites available to learn coding :-


Link for w3schools

  • Solo learn

Link for Sololearn

  • Grasshopper
  • Mimo Coding

Link for mimo coding

  • Datacamp

Link for datacamp

Hope you get all your answers about coding . Keep polishing your skills and take the advantage of all resources available offline and online.
Happy Coding

Written by — Ritika Khanduri