21 Aug 2020

Quantum Computing

Computers are the Electronic machines that take an input and after processing it provide an output, but what if a computer performs this computation 100 times faster than the classical computers these computers are called quantum computers.

Quantumcomputers are basically the type of computers that operate over Quantum phenomenon this type of computer utilises the quantum phenomenon such as quantum entanglement and superposition theorem. 

Principle of superposition theorem

 it states that a physical system can be present in all of the possible configurations, for a classical computer there are two states only either a low (0) state or a high (1) state but for a Quantum computer it can present in 0, 1 or in  both states simultaneously according to principle of superposition theorem.

Quantum Entanglement:

When two Quantum particles are present in close proximity to each other they are said to be in entangled state and the rate of transfer of data between the two is faster than the speed of light this is a phenomenon discovered through EPR paradox.


These are the quantum particles that carry quantum information such as electrons, protons and neutrons along with many other sub-atomic particles

Future scope of Quantum computers: 

Since Quantum computers tend to have faster rates of data manipulations and data transfers these can replace the classical computers in  future, also the Quantum computers also have better data encryption technique due to theorem of no deletion and no cloning since The Q- bits cannot be cloned or cannot be deleted due to the underlying principles of  quantum Physics, due to its high speed data transfers and data security quantum computer can become first choice over the classical computers in future.

Source: www.wikipedia.com
Image source: www.google.com

Written by — Saksham singh