26 Aug 2020

Quantum Teleportation: A sci-Fi Dream or a Reality?

“Hollywood style Teleportation”, people disappearing through Time portals

And returning back to another Time dimension, What if it all becomes true?

Yes it can now be achieved throughthe processof Quantum Teleportation

What is Quantum Teleportation?

 “Quantum Teleportation“refers to the process incorporated with the teleportation of the quantum information of any particle from one place to another

Quantum information can either be the number of electrons, protons, or any other sub-atomic particles. These are called Qbits.

Quantum Entanglement

To understand the concepts of Quantum teleportation it is important to understand this, the term Quantum entanglement means  the process of high speed exchange of information between to entangled state of Qbits, by the term Entangled we mean that the two having same Quantum state.

Advantages of Quantum Teleportation:

  1. Safety of data: Data Transmitted through this process cannotbe cloned or Hacked due to certain governing principles of Quantum physics.
  2. Faster Data Transfer:Data Transmitted Through this process is faster than the conventional methods

Due to the following advantages quantumteleportation has become one of the most anticipated futuristic technology. when will it be accessible to all? Will we be able to rush back and forth into the timeline? These are some of the widely asked questions about this futuristic technology let’s find out there answers.

When will this technology be accessible?

Scientists have been continuously working on this technology to make it accessible to all in the future but are notyet able to get any lead in the ongoing process, however scientists have been able to teleport Qbits from the surface of earth to an orbitingsatellite (science news.org August 2019).This is a revolutionary achievement by the scientists, but still it’s  just the beginning there is a lot to explore in this mighty topic.

Can Human be Teleported?

Till now scientists have only been able to teleport a sample of Qbits to an orbiting satellite, for a human to be teleported this question seems to be far-fetched but if we were able to develop a quantum computer capable of mapping all the atoms of the human body and then teleporting them to another place then this could be possible but till now this Technology is Fascinating but still out of our reach but who knows what will happen in Future.

Written by — Saksham singh