09 Nov 2020

Personal Development

“Don’t think about where you are. Just focus on where you want to be.”

We are the proud generation of 21st century. In last 50 years the world has seen many advancement which have bought a major change in the lifestyles of the people around the globe.

But there are some things which can’t be replaced anytime. One the eternal skill is ”Personal Development”. Though the world is being techie but can’t ignore personal growth or personal self. Even 2020 demand this skill, because personality plays an important role in ones’ life. It is quoted many times ”First impression is the last impression”. And no one wants to leave a bad impression on any one. This is every age trait and should be adopted by each and every person because self grooming doesn’t require any age. Improve and consistency is the key to success.

We the human can never be satisfied with anything so why to compromise with self? Is that good? No!! Working on self can’t be easy at all because we are mostly busy judging others or scrolling through the social media. Which I guess won’t help you in long term. So be wise and focus on self growth. Explore the world and find something which you are interested in. And believe me with some improvement you can do wonders. Just believe in yourself and start working. Don’t waste more time on thinking or planning the whole process, you will end up doing nothing and may feel guilty. Just set a target and get the knowledge of initial requirement and start working. You will come across many problems, don’t stop there; just write them on a paper and try not to repeat the same.

Everyone gets attracted towards a good personality.A good personality also boosts your confidence. A Magnetic Personality is something which each one of us wants once in our lives. But not everyone tries to get one. A Magnetic Personality is defined by body language or amazing communication skills or both? Yes, both.

 A person with powerful body language can impress anyone at the first sight. The quality of a good body language justifies your confidence. Even everyone around you will be willing to admire you.A natural eye-contact can do wonders. An eye-contact with a person builds a trust between the two.

An amazing communication skill can leave the other person spell-bound. It’s not just about being fluent on one language but making the other person involve in your talk so that you don’t sound boring. And boring people are always ignored, which can affect your relationships too.

The people around us are the one whom we reflect. And no one wants that refection to be bad. Do you know that, we are average of 9 people around us. Choosing those 9 people will decide that whether our growth is towards positive y-axis or negative y-axis. Be wise!

By- Taruna Aggarwal