17 Nov 2020


You must be thinking how can reading benefit us? Some of you must be thinking “its totally waste of time”. People usually say that “they don’t have enough time to read novels or any type of book”. Some even find this activity boring. 

The reason behind this type of behaviour is that they have never tried to perform this activity. The ones who are unfamiliar with the outcomes of making a habit of reading.

Reading is cognitive process which helps our brain work in a multiple way or we can say a bit complex way. Its far better than sitting idol and letting our brain relax so much without getting into any sort of work. I do believe, something magical can happen when we read. Its like yoga for our brain which can keep us physically and mentally fit as well as happy from inside out.

A reader lives a thousand lives.

The one who never reads, lives only one.

A question arises, that what exactly do human beings get from reading books? Is it just a matter of pleasure, or are there benefits beyond enjoyment? The scientific answer is resounding “YES”.
Yes, reading is not only limited to enjoying, but have so many health and brain benefits too. 

Here i am going to talk about some incredible benefits of reading books:-

1.       Reading Strengthens Our Brain

According to the researches, it is well known that our brain functions very fast when we read as compared to other activities because it involves more number of steps like reading the text, then decoding it, then understanding it and then memorizing it. Due to this multitasking process, the cells of the brain get strength and develop themselves for a bit more higher level.

     2. Reading Improves Our Vocabulary and Comprehension

We all know that learning has no age limit, so what’s the problem if we can get to know at least 5 new words every day. Isn’t it amazing? I guess its wonderful and an easy way to learn everyday. This world has a high level of competition to make you feel stand-out. Increasing your vocabulary and comprehension will also give you an insight to speak relevant in front of anyone. Not only this, but it can create another level of confidence in yourself. It enhances your speaking, thinking and  understanding skills on the next level.

    3. Reading Helps You Sleep Better

We all have heard about the fact that if your soul is full of good thoughts, then you can experience a better and healthy sleep. Just imagine that your brain is smiling and having a good sleep because of those wonderful thoughts which you have gained by reading anything good. So reading can make you fit mentally. It can enhance your thought process and also it can improve your decision making power.

   4. Reading Fights Depression

In this world, no one wants to talk about depression because everyone thinks that its wrong. Its not at all wrong, but how to deal with it can become wrong. A positive way to deal with depression can be reading or writing. Reading will put positive thoughts in the person’s mind and will give strength to tackle the situation. Whenever we read something, we get familiar with new thoughts and we also go through certain quotations which are motivational as well as inspirational.

   5. You Learn Healthy and Good Thoughts

A story or a quotation can never teach you wrong. They are written for a reason, to make you learn something good. Have you ever notice that whenever you read a story, it has some or the other valuable moral. Similarly, if you read any book, any novel or any poem, it will definitely teach you real life lessons. So we can say that reading makes you grow with good positive thoughts, real life lessons and learning.

   6. Reading empowers to emphasize with other people

We all lack somewhere in understanding the other person and its a very common thing. But what if we could feel their emotions or their thoughts? I guess then things would be very simple and relaxing. When we are in a habit of reading, our brain expands its bandwidth of understanding more accurately and this can help to understand the thoughts and emotions of other people very easily. In this way, you can also help them by your good thoughts.

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So, these were some helpful and amazing benefits of reading books.

Now, you must be thinking, what should you read?

    The short answer is- Whatever you can get your hands on.
It totally depends on you and your interests. These benefits of reading books can last a lifetime which can start from childhood till your senior years.