17 Aug 2020

Mental Health and Basic Life Situations

Its a MYTH that people leaving doesn’t affect you. Its a MYTH that you are used to people leaving you and you dont care about who enters or leaves your life anymore.

See i just started and you already have a person in your mind.

NO! Its not true that you no more notice their every small details.YES! You still think how this situation would have been different if they were by your side right now or maybe what if, if you would have never met them or maybe why cant they be like all the other people left in the crowd unnoticed.

ACCEPT IT LOVE… Yes they still matter to you and stop making it about them … its about you …

YES YOU .. its about how you take it ….are you strong .. strong enough to handle the situation and enough to hide your emotions. No you are not and no one is. Its not about how good you are at letting it go but how well you let it sink in .Its time for people to know hiding emotions doesn’t make you strong … Its your acceptance towards these emotions that make you strong …

STOP.. stop thinking whether they think about you or not because YES they do. YES you matter to them too because you were a part of their life . No matter how small or big but you were. They did spend time texting you or talking to you and now they are memories, memories that will last as long as they live… and as long as you live and these memories are what makes you STRONG

Stop being good at dodging situations and what you feel like and instead get better at accepting situations and always think worst is yet to come and situation rightnow is just a preparation.

” If you accept the situation, you will get over it surely. But if you dodge it, you will stay stuck for as long as you live”