13 Aug 2020

Corona Pandemic: Boon for Environment

God created this Earth in the image of paradise and no doubt that once this Earth was a paradise. There were lush green forests which abounded in wildlife, the water in rivers and lakes was blue and sparkling, the air was pure and fragrant and there was calmness and serenity in the Atmosphere.  But Man, in his greed, exploited the natural resources. He did not realise that he was constantly disturbing the ecological balance and thus putting his own life in danger creating disharmony between Human being and Nature.

It’s very true:


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a global reduction in Economic activity. This is a major concern for the world but at the same time this ramping down of human activity appears to have had a positive impact on environment. The measurable reduction in Industrial and transport emissions and effluents supported the clearing of pollutants in the atmosphere, soil and water. This effect is also in contrast to carbon emissions which shoved up by five percent after the global financial crash. The month of April, which usually records peak carbon emissions due to the decomposition of leaves, has recorded what might be the lowest levels of pollutants in the air since the 2003 financial Crisis.

In INDIA due to ‘JANTA CURFEW’ a significant dip in air pollution level was measured across the country. Cities like Delhi, Bangluru, Kolkata, and Lucknow recorded the average Air Quality Index staying within two digits. The water of holy rivers -GANGA and YAMUNA became as pure as it was forty to fifty years ago. Footage of spotted deer, a civet and nilgai moving on the busy roads created a buzz amongst wildlife lovers. Unfortunately it took a virus to create space for other species. Tucked away in the congested lanes of Red Fort, Delhi is a flourishing market selling exotic fauna.

Budgerigars Cocktails, finches, African Grey parrots, white mice, all these voiceless creatures were left locked in a shop when the nationwide lock down was enforced. It was only after the local police intervened at the behest of an animal welfare organization, that the shop owner sent the keys of his shop and enabled the NGO workers to rescue the starving birds and animals. It took police intervention to feed caged birds when human beings were living the lockdown life. The abundant evidence such as the return of dolphins in the canals, the view of the magnificent HIMALAYAS from Jalandhar for the first time in thirty years, Lions and Cheetahs casually roaming on roads, all show the benefits of the absence of human intervention in the environment.

MICHAEL GERARD, an environmental law expert at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, said, “It’s the worst way to experience environment improvement and has shown the size of the task’ ’One of the good things to have come out of social distancing is that we are letting the outdoors recharge us. As the nature heals, so do we. We’ve been forced to pause, slow down, reflect and appreciate the little things our gardens and local walking paths have to offer from morning birdsongs to the riot of pastel colors pouring from our seasonal blossom trees. Although COVID-19 is a bane for INDIA but it is rescuing nature which is very beneficial for EARTH.

It should be noted down that:



There’s something beautiful about reconnecting with great outdoors, whether it’s through gardening, outdoor walks, animal live streams or by simply sharing images of beautiful birds with others.  Wherever you are, have time to connect with nature. It will certainly do you good. We should understand that nature is a storehouse of beauty. There is no doubt that nature has an uplifting influence on the spirit of man. WORDSWORTH went to the extent of saying that one idea obtained from nature can teach us more than all the sages can. In the lap of nature man finds an escape from the worries and anxieties of life. Nature consoles an afflicted heart. COVID-19 has given us a chance to soothe our spirits and furnish us with the moral lessons. COVID-19 has made us realize that NATURE is a teacher who teaches us the gospel of work, patience, perseverance and fortitude. Above all, it is a source of joy and happiness. The Charming sunshine, the golden sunsets, the dew drops shining on the leaves, the twinkling stars, all make us joyful. Recovery of Nature after such a long time has been possible due to COVID-19.

It was a pity that the man had cut himself from the beauties of nature. He was so busy in the mad rush of materialism that he did not care for this storehouse of beauty. But today we are blessed to see these beautiful scenes in our life. In order to really enjoy nature, it is necessary that we should look upon nature with beauty in our eyes. Our hearts should be sensible enough to appreciate the charming objects of nature.  Nature has opened its treasure house before us. It invites man to come into its lap and enjoy its fascinating World.  It takes us to leave the world of money and materialism for some time and spend some time in its company. Indeed it would be a pity if we remain insensitive to the fascinating world of nature.

So… …

SAVE.        EARTH

SAVE.         LIFE… …..

Mr. RadheShyam

Mr. RadheShyam

Assistant Professor, ECE Department,