01 Sep 2020


Wait wait wait …

Before reading ,

Find a comfortable place to read these words where you don’t need to hide your emotions and wear a fake mask .

Then, I need you to close your eyes for a few seconds, take a deep long breath and now if you have done this 

Start reading, slowly, calmly and reflecting on every word… So now are you ready?

❤️Life is not always easy. You get tired of fighting and faking a smile when your soul wants you to cry. Sometimes it’s just so exhausting trying to deal with people.

Covering up your sadness has become your habit because you think people don’t care about your feelings  and the way you’ve kept going is by ignoring it. 

But not anymore. You can’t do it any longer. You’ve lost interest in life and you can’t hide it anymore. 

I think it’s really okay. 

You have the right to collapse,to fall. Trust me. Cry, scream out in pain, don’t smile if you don’t feel like it.

It’s not your job to always be fine or make people think you are. Remember that masks hurt too, because they conceal the real you and allow you to deny yourself and one day You won’t be yourself anymore.

But listen,

From now on, forget your fears and be brave enough to be honest with yourself and see where you’re at. 

Look in the mirror and give yourself the love you’ve been neglecting. Stop having expectations from people.

Treat yourself with love, judgement-free, unconditional love. 

Then you’ll be able to gather up all your shattered pieces and find some understanding.

You don’t need someone to gather your pieces and join .You are just more than enough for yoursef.



So, now its time to go .

Hope you loved this and find healing in these words?

♥️Keep smiling?

Written by — Ayushi Tiwari